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Seasons Greetings (1)

Season’s Greetings

Christmas is coming
Christmas is near
Children beware
But do not fear
For deep in the night
A man will appear
With a bag full of toys
For all children so dear

With jelly for a belly
And cherries for cheeks
He’ll giggle down the chimney
As everyone sleeps

Awake in the dark
You sit in your bed
Wondering, waiting
And filling your head
With thoughts of how
You might sneak down the stairs
Hoping and praying
That he will be there

Filling the room with
Jolly and cheer
Enjoying the milk and cookies
You placed so dear
Right by the tree
He will happily see
A note you have written
With so much glee

~ Bekkah ❤️

A Single, 20-somethings lady living at home…

What in the world does she do with herself??

She spends her days studying to earn her college degree. She does her best to assist in the home-keeping. She even finds a part time job to provide her with some income.

Her daily life consists of cooking and cleaning, gardening, planning and attempting to produce a home business, studying, and attempting to make some friends outside of the home and within a healthy circle.

She knows leaving home is not the right thing to do. She knows that she is exactly where God wants her. But how does she remain content with herself? How does she maintain that perspective of peace and joy? How does she refrain from falling into old ways, while still becoming a better version of herself?

She desires a life of adventure. She also desires to be married and have a family of her own. She dreams of traveling the world and building a successful multifaceted company, but she also desires to please God and stay within His will for her life.

How does she accomplish her goals and fulfill her life’s dreams, while still living under the restraint of her parents and siblings?

How does she proceed to feel as though she is making progress in her life?

Too many days pass, with hers still feeling unsettled. More often than not, she feels she has plateaued in her plans to succeed and move on from childhood things.

It’s not that life is hard or unpleasant. She simply would like to see some of her goals and dreams come to life. Her ideas, becoming reality.

She is not ungrateful for her parents’ hospitality, nor does she wish she lived alone. She simply desires her own space to spread out and create. While she understands that she is right where God wants her to be, the fact still remains that she knows there is so much more to her simple life than just living.

There is so much to see. So much to do. So many people who need to know the truth. She longs to spread that infectious disease called Love and make a difference. She longs to see people’s eyes light up for the first time. She longs to experience new places and new people. She longs to meet the man of her dreams. Yet she longs for only friendships that will last the test of time and trials.

Real people. Real life. Something more. Something that ignites an explosion within her.

She knows that when she is able to spread that cheer it makes her feel so alive. There is nothing in this life she’d rather do than see people smile and come to life. She longs to teach and see the flames of understanding fill the eyes of her students.

Oh, what a life to live. What a people to experience.

Petty things do not entice her. Silly quarrels do not excite her.

She simply desires something more than where she is right now. But nothing more than where she ought to be in God’s plan.

She doesn’t want just any man.

She doesn’t want to be in just any land.

She wants to be right where she should be.

Right where she’s at.

She simply wants to awaken her dreams

She desires to see her aspirations exploding at the seams.

To make her ideas come to life.

To see her accomplishments and her hobbies become something to live on, not just frivolous fun.

Here’s To keeping it real!

~ Bekkah ❤

We are now in the season of advent. A time of love, family, togetherness, giving, and gratitude. Also a time of loneliness for some and sadness for others. 

The holidays are not an easy time of year for anyone. As a matter of opinion, but to many fact, the holidays are down right exhausting. With all the cooking, planning, decorating, and shopping, it is easy to forget the main reason for the season. Yes, a cliche’ rhyme. 

Why do you celebrate the holidays?

What are some things that you and your’s do this time of year, together, that make it so meaningful?

For some, it is a church tradition. For others, it’s a laborious time of trying to get by until the new year. And so on, for others, it is a time of joyous rituals and reuniting with long-lost family and friends. 

I, often, find that Christmas can be a stressful time that is full laughter and traditions. I find it fascinating to learn about the different kinds of traditions that different families have. Some people take an annual vacation to a tropical location. Others, plan large family gatherings and cook up monsoons of festive foods, decorated by rooms of colorful ornaments and lights. 

However it is that you spend this festive holiday season, I hope that you are at least with people you like, doing something you enjoy, and remembering some of the best times of your life.

My hope, for this Christmas season, is to welcome it with a grateful heart, remember the good ole days of Christmas’s past, and thinking on the beautiful new opportunities to come. I, also, enjoy welcoming the advent of my Savior who came into this world as an infant human, leaving His throne in Heaven and denying His deity. All of this, in order that I, a sinner, could have the chance to make amends with my Creator and be given the opportunity to bridge the sin gap between me and Him.

I hope that you, my beloved readers, would find your peace this Christmas. I hope that you would enjoy it, immensely and never allow negativity to bring you down. Remember to spread the love and smiles. Sing some carols. Drink some hot cocoa or cider. Share the Merry Christmas cheer and don’t let the Scrooges, in your life, ruin your happiness. 

Here’s to keeping it real!

~ Bekkah ❤ 


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Soul Food

I am sending you out

like sheep among wolves. 

Therefore be as shrewd

as snakes and as innocent as doves.

(Matthew 10:16 [NIV])

Jesus spoke these words to the disciples. These words are also meant for anyone, now, who has chosen to follow Him. The world is compared to wolves because wolves have no mercy on their prey. They simply attack. Sheep, on the other hand, are peaceful, helpless creatures who need to be protected. By sending us out like sheep among wolves, He is saying that we must be aware and be careful of the ways of the world. 

The world is out to attack anyone who questions its ways. Jesus questions the world’s ways and demands that His followers do the same. We are called to be different from world. 

I found the picture-quote in my facebook feed. It is so true! We have to be more mindful of who we let into our lives. A wise Tia (aunt) recently told me, “don’t let anyone occupy space in your mind that hasn’t earned it.” Too often, we let in people who don’t deserve it. People who haven’t earned the right to be part of our inner circle.

We are called to love others as Jesus teaches, but we are also commanded to be wise as serpents 🐍and gentle as doves 🕊. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Don’t let past mistreatment define how you view new people. Be kind and willing to take chances. 🦋 But, be wise and don’t let those who haven’t earned your time, waste it. 
💛Love you all and 🎄Merry Christmas! 🎉📯

Always remember to be kind, loving, and authentically you!

– Bekkah ❤ 



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Don’t quit now, sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the BEST!”



Let the morning bring me word

of your unfailing love,

for I have put my trust in you.

Show me the way I should go,

for to you I entrust my life.

(Psalm 143:8 [NIV])


This Psalm is one of the many prayers David cried out to God in his time of hopelessness and fear. He wrote this one in the midst of hiding from Saul, who wanted him dead and would stop at nothing to have his head.

Thankfully, most of us don’t have this issue of someone wanting us dead. Regardless, we still have times of hopelessness and fear that we are not good enough. Fear that we will fail no matter how hard we try. Fear that no one could possibly understand what we are dealing with and fear that we are alone.

This Psalm is here as a reminder to us all that we are not alone. First of all, we have God. He is always willing to listen to us. Even when you feel you have no one to listen to you, remember that God is always available and with Him there is never a busy signal. He’ll never send you to voicemail and He’ll always respond in His perfect timing.

This Psalm is also a reminder that each morning brings new opportunities for good and beautiful things. Lamentations 3:23 tells us that God’s compassion/mercy is new every morning.

So, whatever happened yesterday that made you feel small, don’t allow it to affect you today. You can choose to give your concerns to God and to allow His steadfast love and mercy to renew you today.

Make today a better one by allowing yourself to give God today’s sad, bad, and glad situations. Remember that He has the big picture and we can barely see past our own noses sometimes.

Don’t give up on yourself, God will never give up on you. Just let Him in!


Always remember to be kind, loving, and authentically you!

– Bekkah ❤

3 Words To Describe Today




It’s been a little bit since I post an “end of day recap.” I wanted to apologize for that. Life’s been a little crazy for a few weeks. Though, thankfully, now I think things are finally falling into place.

I am super excited to share some things with all of you fabulous peoples!

My unwelcome monthly friend is back and so the emotions have been on the rise. I will say that I have been making some descent progress with nourishing myself to prevent and remedy a lot of the symptoms.

I’ve honestly been on slow motion just because I’m a little iron deficient at times and so I feel sluggish. BUT, I’m resolving that too, with supplements! Yay!

Today’s accomplishments consist of making some delicious food!

Oh! And I realized that I owe you guys a lifestyle update. This was supposed to be posted Tuesday, but who’s counting.

————- Inserts Lifestyle Post————-

I’ve been on a healthy foods change recently. After getting fed up with feeling sick and sluggish after eating and feeling bloated, I finally came to the realization that I needed to eliminate most dairy, add in more fiber and plant-based proteins, eat less carbs and more complex carbs (not white carbs), and stop drinking coffee.

So, gasp! Yes, I stopped drinking coffee. I know, I can’t believe it myself. But it’s true.

I realized (there is a lot realizing going on here) that caffeine does not help me as much as I thought it did. See, I have anxiety. I manage pretty well. Caffeine and anxiety do not mesh well, and so I was giving myself anxiety every time I would drink coffee.



The worst part. I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. And when I get anxiety, I eat. So you can imagine the bad combination of things going on here.

Antyways…. I have changed, pretty drastically I might add, my way of eating for a few reasons. (1) to lower my chances of developing diabetes because it’s hereditary on both sides of my family (2) lose weight – duh (3) feel better.

So, yeah, this is my change and I’m hoping  planning on sticking with it!

Little by little, I am compiling some recipes that I’ve been creating. I hope to share them soon. Not quite sure on a time frame for them, but soon.


I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is coming!! Woohoo!!!!

Who’s also excited?!


I’m planning on making some healthy options to throw in with the classics. I think it’ll be great!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got.

Good night ( or good morning)


As always,

Here’s to keeping it real!

– Bekkah ❤

I suppose I write because I feel I have something to share.

I write to give voice to topics that go unnoticed.

I write to share the ideas that keep me up at night.

I enjoy writing because it gives me an outlet to freely express myself without losing my train of thought.

Writing enables me to be open and honest in a way that I don’t think I can do with verbal communication.

When I write, I can open my imagination to new and uncharted opportunities. One’s, that without writing would not be explored and discovered.

Writing is a means to free the soul from its depth of isolation. A sense of freedom comes when I can articulate my thoughts clearly.

Being able to share what is on my mind and in my heart, with comprehendible language, is why I write.

Writing: the act of using language and characters to express things which otherwise could not be understand.

No one can read my mind.

Sometimes I am at a loss for words, when I speak. But, when I write, it’s hard to stop once I get started.

Once I’m in the mode, I find myself overflowing with ideas. Bursting at the seems with lyrical tone that sings from within the depths of my soul.

Writing is an open door. It is the pathway to clarity when communication lacks.

It is the appreciation of time well spent, recording and sharing one’s thoughts.

I often find that writing allows me to feel a sense of freedom that I otherwise cannot grasp.

The world of writing is an entire universe where words can be combined in harmonious language to share ideas that the soul attempts to pour out of us, but only the written word can truly express the depth of the emotions within those thoughts.

Thus, I write because it opens my mind. It frees me from the box of life. It empowers me to feel and experience emotions and life events in deeper ways than simply speaking will allow.

Writing opens the worm-hole to a new reality. One where anything is possible. One that enables those who feel they have no voice to project louder than a sonic boom.

A writer is a person who writes. But, what inspires a writer to write is the concept that we are free when we write. We are not held back. We are not judged by an observing audience. Sure, writers can be scrutinized for what they write, but that doesn’t take effect until after the thoughts have already been shared and thrown out into the open.

Speaking is great, but speaking is not permanent. The words a person speaks can do both harm and good, but the words a person writes will last forever. Those written words will last multiple lifetimes.

Unashamedly, I write because I want to share the things I believe are worth sharing. Whether people like me or not is not my priority. I write because I have a greater purpose in life. That purpose is to glorify God with everything that I say and do. Writing is saying and doing. It takes both words and actions to write. It requires the articulation of thoughts and act of writing those thoughts in a language of comprehendible characters. Thus, when I write, I am doing something for the God that I serve. I am doing something that pleases Him and that, in the end, will make a difference to those who see its value.

That is why I write.

How about you? Why do you write?