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We are now in the season of advent. A time of love, family, togetherness, giving, and gratitude. Also a time of loneliness for some and sadness for others. 

The holidays are not an easy time of year for anyone. As a matter of opinion, but to many fact, the holidays are down right exhausting. With all the cooking, planning, decorating, and shopping, it is easy to forget the main reason for the season. Yes, a cliche’ rhyme. 

Why do you celebrate the holidays?

What are some things that you and your’s do this time of year, together, that make it so meaningful?

For some, it is a church tradition. For others, it’s a laborious time of trying to get by until the new year. And so on, for others, it is a time of joyous rituals and reuniting with long-lost family and friends. 

I, often, find that Christmas can be a stressful time that is full laughter and traditions. I find it fascinating to learn about the different kinds of traditions that different families have. Some people take an annual vacation to a tropical location. Others, plan large family gatherings and cook up monsoons of festive foods, decorated by rooms of colorful ornaments and lights. 

However it is that you spend this festive holiday season, I hope that you are at least with people you like, doing something you enjoy, and remembering some of the best times of your life.

My hope, for this Christmas season, is to welcome it with a grateful heart, remember the good ole days of Christmas’s past, and thinking on the beautiful new opportunities to come. I, also, enjoy welcoming the advent of my Savior who came into this world as an infant human, leaving His throne in Heaven and denying His deity. All of this, in order that I, a sinner, could have the chance to make amends with my Creator and be given the opportunity to bridge the sin gap between me and Him.

I hope that you, my beloved readers, would find your peace this Christmas. I hope that you would enjoy it, immensely and never allow negativity to bring you down. Remember to spread the love and smiles. Sing some carols. Drink some hot cocoa or cider. Share the Merry Christmas cheer and don’t let the Scrooges, in your life, ruin your happiness. 

Here’s to keeping it real!

~ Bekkah ❤ 

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